RIYL: Bonnie Prince Billy, Sufjan Stevens, Jose Gonzales

Label: Sub Pop / Newbury Comics

From what I remember, 2002 was when the garage rock revival was at its peak, third-wave emo was turning mainstream and a wave of socially-conscious hip hop began seeing airtime on MTV2.  Iron & Wine wasn’t even a blip on my radar.  Who could’ve known that a batch of bedroom demos would have made such a huge dent on the music scene at large in the coming decade?  Before Fleet Foxes, Mumford and Sons and Carrie and Lowell, before lumbersexuals and before the Zach Braff soundtracks, there was a fella named Sam Beam.

Up to this point, there hasn’t been a limited vinyl variant of The Creek Drank the Cradle.  Newbury Comics has teamed up with Sub Pop to put out the album on a gorgeous slab gold and black swirled wax.  These are limited to 500, so you may have a few weeks to think it over.  Or you might not.  If you don’t have this classic yet, though, now’s the time to change that!

The Details

A Newbury Comics exclusive color vinyl pressing.
Album includes printed insert and a digital download.

Price $25.99

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