Have a nice life.  To some, it’s simply a phrase comprised of four words, a positive declaration with significant melancholic undertones.  Now, to a select few of us out there in the universe, Have A Nice Life means something completely different.  An experimental outfit founded by Dan Barrett and Tim Macuga, Have A Nice Life wrote the excruciatingly underrated and remarkable full-length Deathconsciousnessa collection of tracks that redefined the genres they experimented in.  They manipulated elements of dense shoegaze, experi-metal and folk music into their own beast.  Sometimes, bands are so good that they’re their own genre.  That’s why at some point during a conversation about music, you’re probably going to hear someone utter the words “This bands sounds like Have A Nice Life.”  They’re that good.  They’re that important.

Giles Corey is a close cousin to Have A Nice Life.  The offspring of Dan Barrett, Giles Corey is, in his words, “acoustic music about history, suicide and ghosts.” A sparse alternative to HANL, Giles Corey treads in the same somber subject matter, but with more space in the layers.  The dense fog has cleared, and you see Dan Barrett in his most naked, vulnerable state.  It’s a crucial listen and, until now, it has never been released on vinyl.  Flenser Records has heard your pleas for a vinyl pressing, and the album goes online to preorder TODAY, October 2nd, at 1 PM PDT.

If you want the rarest variant on clear wax with mint green haze, you will absolutely HAVE to be at your computer at 1 pm PDT on the dot.  Those are limited to only 200, and they will sell out in minutes, I assure you.  There is a variant on double mint green limited to 300, a red copy limited to 500 and the classic black wax limited to 1000.  Choose wisely, my friend.  They will disappear before your bloodshot eyes and be gone forever.  Every penny of your $40 will be well spent.  According to Flenser, “each record is contained within thick printed inner-sleeves and the accompanying novel is held within a fancy foam block. The box is case-wrapped and is more substantial than your existence.”

Listen to the full album below and get your F5ing fingers ready.

The Details

This is a very expensive release for us to produce. Cost between $40.00-45.00 depending on vinyl color.
Pressing size 2000 copies (smaller than Have a Nice Life release):
200 units double mint green haze on on milky clear
300 units double mint green colored vinyl
500 units red vinyl
1000 units black vinyl
International customers please note that shipping will be very expensive. We are sorry and we love you. Thank you for the support!
This is one of the greatest albums ever!!!!!!!!!!!!

Price $40

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