RIYL: Solo project of Dylan Carlson, founder of Earth.

Label: Self Release

After years of waiting, Dylan Carlson sent out the rewards of his Kickstarter campaign. As far as I know, he pressed 300 of these and most of them have gone directly to the supporters. There are some really pricy copies on Discogs and I’m happy to tell you that he’s selling some of his remaining copies on Hello Merch in the US (sold out already, sorry) and on Sargent House in the UK. Unfortunately I haven’t found any sound clips online and my copy hasn’t arrived yet, but this should help. “This album contains DrCarlsonAlbion’s interpretations of old English and Scottish folk ballads about human/fayre interactions.”

The Details

Edition of 300 copies.

This release was crowdfunded via Kickstarter.com. The funding campaign launched in January 2012, but the release did not come out until October 2015.

Songs of Innocence and Experience BMI.
Recorded and mixed at Crackle and Pop Studios, Seattle, Washington.

Price $20

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