Just found out about this beautiful folk record because Peter Broderick had a huge influence on David Allred’s debut record and to tell you the truth, you can really hear that. This could almost be a folk record by Peter Broderick and I mean this as a compliment – even David’s voice sounds a little bit like Peter’s.  The songs are beautifully composed. Mostly they start very quiet with an acoustic guitar or a bass run and develop with violins, trumpets and backing vocals from Peter himself. There is a very limited run of only 30 copies with a special handmade sleeve and some other handmade extras. Don’t worry if you miss the ultra limited one, there’s a “normal” version as well.

The Details

2 editions incl. a 12" vinyl and a handmade booklet with cd, lyrics and a poem written by peter broderick

folks, i am delighted to share a sample from my next album that i am currently in the process of recording with peter broderick. at some point in time, when all things are said and done, there will be some wild and crazy sounds made by alicyn yaffee and rob bernknopf you’ll get to hear on the album as well… . and I must say, i couldn’t be happier with the contributions made by these 3 special humans i mentioned above. holy cow! (david allred 2014)

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Peter Broderick at The Sparkle, Woods, OR

David Allred: vocals, guitar, upright bass, electric bass, trumpet, celeste, percussion
Peter Broderick: backing vocals, lead vocals on "Lost My Voice", violin, electric bass, banjo,
synthesizer, organ, celeste, percussion, field recording
Alicyn Yaffee: backing vocals, electric guitar
Rob Bernknopf: drums on "Running Out Of Color"

Music by David Allred, except "Lost My Voice" co-written with Peter Broderick

Price $21.5

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