RIYL: minimal instrumental chamber music

Label: Self Released

Today, Clint Heidorn releases his new record and it’s a work of beauty. The sound is fuller than his debut Atwater with more instruments like strings and saxophones, but it’s still based on his guitar play. It’s very cinematic and the music builds up to some dramatic moments.ย  It would please everyone who likes melancholic instrumental music.

“Pasadena follows 2016’s Hard Times Come Again No More, 2012’s The Oak Tree, and 2011’s Atwater. Pasadena retains my previous albums’ focus on dusty, broken, textural sadness, on roots and dirt and our sense of home – but pushes further into darkness, horror, and the sounds and impressions of the midnight streets of Los Angeles’ City of Roses.”

You can listen to the full record below.

The Details

beautiful 12" vinyl, housed in a full color, heavyweight tip on jacket (with full liner notes). This release is extremely limited, at only 134 copies for the world.

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Price $20

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