Hauntingly beautiful, achingly transparent and effortlessly cool, Chelsea Wolfe is as inviting as she is mysterious.  She’s the witch on trial, the dark calm in the approaching storm, the mesmerizing siren cooing us all into her cold clutches.  Wolfe combines goth, folk, metal and experimental rock music, and holy smokes can she deliver it on stage…Live at Roadburn is a testament to her chops outside of the studio, and with exception to the applause from her audience, it’s pretty damn hard to tell that this is a live album.  A great and pivotal moment in her career as an artist, Roadburn is a must for any fan of Chelsea Wolfe or dark goth.

Live at Roadburn sold out almost as quickly as it was announced back in 2012, so the demand has grown very high.  1500 copies have been pressed for the reissue, but only 300 of them are on clear vinyl, an online exclusive with Outer Battery Records.  Those shouldn’t last very long, so if you happen to miss out…don’t fret, my babies.  Go see her on her upcoming tour and get a white vinyl variant (limited to 300 as well).  Viva Le Wolfe.

UK folks, grab your copies HERE.


The Details

300 on clear vinyl (Outer Battery exclusive)
300 on white (for the band)
400 on red (for Europe)
500 on blue, which will appear in cool indie stores in America in July.

1500 total.

Thanks to Sindre the Slychedelic Fox for the tip!

Price $19.98

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