RIYL: Savaging Spires, Little Wings, Mount Eerie, Talons'

Label: Weird Walk

Candles are a folk duo from England. They will release their debut record under the same name and I would say it’s totally ungoogleable. Candles are the first release on the new “Weird Walk” label, that is connected with the band “Savaging Spires” and the labels Fire Records and Earth Records. The songs have their roots in traditional English folk with modern more experimental elements. The record is like an old forgotten rough diamond from the late 60’s. It’s mostly played with an acoustic guitar and male vocals and has an almost lo-fi bedroom feeling, that really fits to these intimate and short songs.

The Details

We've launched our own imprint 'Weird Walk', together with the House of Mountains lads, releasing limited edition, hand packed, hand stamped, 12" records in limited runs of just 100 copies. Highly collectable and all recorded and produced in Spires style, by Savaging Spires in the Spires studio. These are really limited and expected to go pretty fast. They also cost a fair amount to make so please support us if you can. The first (WW1) release is a lovely stripped down affair by new acoustic duo "Candles".

Price $18.9

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