RIYL: Loren Connors, John Fahey

Label: Thread Recordings

First split record from C Joynes and Nick Jonah Davis. Both are well known for their acoustic guitar releases for labels like Bo’Weavil Recordings, Tompkins Square or Lancashire And Somerset. This one is different, as the tittle suggests. Both artists experiment with the electric guitar for the first time. It’s a nice counterpart to their acoustic stuff, even though it’s made with a similar live and direct feeling. You almost have the impression that it’s all played live in one take. It reminds me of the first electric releases of Loren Connors, who started as an acoustic guitarist himself. Maybe this split release is just a start to an even more open and experimental direction for their own future records.

The Details

On 'Split Electric' C Joynes and Nick Jonah Davis, both firmly established as acoustic guitarists, each undertake a series of solitary electric guitar explorations. The result is an album of recordings suffused with amp hum and circuit noise, the hollow chime of microphonic pickups, and the unsteady rumbling of plate reverb.

Recorded in a near-derelict dental surgery in East London and a cellar in Nottingham, partially channelled via a spring reverb unit outside of Cambridge, and then mastered in the Outer Hebrides, 'Split Electric' is a wilfully crooked record.

Born of the stylistic contrasts and complements between the two newly electrified players, 'Split Electric' blends the brittle ringing tones of electric folk with overdriven garage blues throw-downs and lumbering muddy-booted psychedelia.

Price $21.5

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