The band’s self-titled debut has been around for around four years now, and yet there’s still copies left of this EP – this is quite criminal, if you ask me. Breakfast in Fur break down the doors of the whimsical and gleeful Breakfast in Fur with bass drumming, and a harpsichord, among other sound effects in “I Don’t Care.” “Shine” brings about fuzz in to the loud staccato’d orchestration which gives the remnants in the background the sound of a waterfall as it gets louder and louder, which reminds me of Broken Social Scene in a spiritual sense. A heterogenous mix of instrumentation, vocals and effects that are combined proficiently throughout the EP, Breakfast in Fur, overall, remind me of acts such as Radical Face and The Act of Estimating As Worthless – although, one could argue they’re not as cheery as Breakfast in Fur. If you’re fans of either of the two, or listen to acts similar to the ones listed, I’d recommend you give these guys a try. Either way, though, you should give them a chance. Kevin McMahon, who’s mastered records for Real Estate and The Walkmen, mastered the digital version which you can listen to on Spotify below – there’s even a bonus track! Cheers!

The Details

From their bedroom to yours, the debut EP from New Paltz, New York band Breakfast In Fur is an otherworldly acoustic masterpiece at turns adventurous, mischievous, psychedelic and always wholly engaging. The EP is limited to an edition of 500 copies.

Update: Now digitally mastered for the first time ever by Kevin McMahon (Real Estate, The Walkmen) with new bonus track, "Emily (Shine Part II)." Snag the MP3s from iTunes or Amazon MP3.

Side A
1. "I Don't Care"
2. "High Hopes"
3. "Shine"

Side B
4. "A Quiet Place"
5. "Flying Saucers"
6. "Ghost Story"


" dynamite..." — Pasta Primavera

"...a refreshing psychedelic-folk band with undeniable potential. The whispery vocals, droning accordion, and twittering guitar keep your mind perfectly balanced between a state of lucidity and haze." — Heavy Percussion

"Intricate instrumentals, delicate vocals, and just the right amount of quirkiness." — La Musica Fresca

Price $10

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