If you’re here, you probably know who Bonnie Prince Billy is. Maybe you know him by his real name, Will Oldham. The Louisville folk artist has been kicking around the scene for a very long time. You can find him in the oddest of places. For example, I imagine you’ve seen Slint’s iconic Spiderland album cover. You know who took that? Take a wild guess.

Yeah, it was Bonnie Prince Billy. The guy’s been in a handful of movies, too, including a Jackass film and Harmony Korine’s Julien Donkey-Boy. He’s what you might call an “indie celebrity,” if not a celebrity outright. He’s made plenty of albums for you to gorge on, many of which were (and I suppose still are) met with critical acclaim. This apparently, however, isn’t a new album per se but a revisitation to his 2011 album Wolfroy Goes To Town, and multiple musicians take part in this. Drag City nor Domino have any previews available for us, but Bonnie does not put out anything subpar. Look to his track record for your trust in him.

Now, one more thing I have to mention – I’m not sure if Drag City / Domino are doing this limited edition like A Number of Small Things is – Drag City nor Domino specify a bonus 12″ with their LP so I’ve linked A Number of Small Things through the Buy Now button. I’ll put the Drag City and Domino links below this.

The Details

"Just to make things clear: this might be a new record by BONNIE PRINCE BILLY but the songs are (mostly) not. Singer's Grave A Sea Of Tongues is the result of a session that WILL OLDHAM did with a lot of guest musicians in which they revisited the songs of his 2011's 'Wolfroy Goes To Town'. Whilst Wolfroy Goes To Town exercised in reduction, Singer's Grave A Sea Of Tongues sounds like a decent Nashville-party with all kinds of country, folk and blues-elements. Some songs get fired up a bit, others like Quail and Dumplings get drenched in a more brooding atmosphere. Despite that overall notion, it?s still all about OLDHAM?s voice in all it's imperfect beauty." (nbhap.com)

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