Bon Iver came out of nowhere almost ten years ago. I first came across him after being linked to a session he did for a midwestern public radio station in an AIM chat back in spring 2007 – it had under 1000 views at the time. I’m relistening to Blood Bank as I write this, and it’s truthfully been a while since I’ve dusted off a Bon Iver record. Bon Iver was among the first wave of “indie” acts I got in to, in thanks to those AIM chats and I only got to see him once at Sasquatch 2012. Shortly after that, he retired the moniker and it’s been lying dormant/in a grave ever since. Back in high school, Bon Iver was the talk of the town (they pronounced it “BAHN EYE-VURR”). Hipster Runoff (RIP in peace) would publish articles lampooning ‘Bonny Bear’ relentlessly, and if you can get made fun of by Carles… you’ve made it.¬†Blood Bank¬†fell by the wayside it seems – this EP truly bridged the gap between¬†For Emma, Forever Ago and¬†Bon Iver, Bon Iver with his vocoder dabbling. This record comes courtesy of¬†Newbury which some of you like, some of you not so much, but I felt this was worth posting up due to Bon Iver’s massive following. Listen to¬†Blood Bank below via the Spotify player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

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This Newbury Comics Exclusive vinyl pressing is limited to 1500 pieces, and includes a digital download card.

Price $12.99

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