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Released last year on New Zealand’s Ilk Ither label, Spare the Rod is a fully realized vision from experimental folk outfit Bent Folk, 2 distortion-heavy sprawlers relying on highly technical guitar work as well as the band’s knack for improvisation.  On Side One is a Bent Folk original, and on Side Two is a ripping cover of Eddie Hazel and Funkadelic’s “play like yo’ mama died” Maggot Brain, praised among many critics as the best guitar solo to have ever been laid to tape…quite the task for an avant garde folk band to undertake!

Fans of Dylan Carlson (Earth, drcarlsonalbion) will find solace in Bent Folk’s similar aural visions of desert landscape and scorching desolation.  The band has graciously put their remaining copies of the otherwise sold-out lathe up on bandcamp, and I highly doubt that 4 copies will last long.

The Details

We have a few copies of this left, in lovely grey covers. Get in quick!

Bent Folk 10" with an original on one side and an improvisation around Funkadelic's classic 'Maggot Brain' on the flip. We have a few copies of this, so get in quick if you want one. Original pressing limited to 25 copies.

The Bent Folk are Dick Whyte (guitar and vocals), Helen O'Rourke (drums) and Rupert Hunter (guitar). 'Spare The Rod' recorded by Finn Johansson at Helen's house and his home studio in Karori. 'Maggot Brain' recorded in the practice space on a shitty laptop mic. All fucked up sounds intentional.

Price $15

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