These two Florida natives have put together quite an intriguing split release. I’ve known about Astronautalis (Andy Bothwell) through his cult following here in Denton, and I know about Rickolus (Richard Colado) through his collaborations with Ben Cooper, who you might know as Radical Face or Electric President. Astronautalis sings on the A-side “The Rainmakers,” and his voice mutates in to a mild drawl accompanied with a tambourine beat along with guitar orchestration that can only belong to Rickolus. The B-side “Fallen Street” has Rickolus take the main vocal reigns, which have these reversed breaths ebb and sway partnering up with it – Astronautalis does make an appearance on this song as well, however. Rickolus’ voice, around the 3 minute mark, takes on a timbre that’s strangely similar to Ben Cooper’s. As for pressing information, there are multiple choices actually. The lavender and blue colors I’ve put in the title are a part of the limited second pressing. On the site, there’s an option to buy one of the 25 test pressings which go for $50, and there’s some black vinyl left from the first pressing of the record. It’s in the pre-order stage still, with it releasing on April 23. Check out the stream of the split on Soundcloud below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Astronautalis & Rickolus 7"

1st Pressing - LTD to 650 Copies

100 on Mixed Color (RSD & BxB Exclusive - OUT OF PRINT)
150 on Red Vinyl (OUT OF PRINT)
150 on White Vinyl (OUT OF PRINT)
250 on Black Vinyl (Less than 50 Remaining)

2nd Pressing - LTD to 350 Copies

175 on Lavender Vinyl
175 on Blue Vinyl

Side A: The Rainmakers
Side B: Fallen Street


Includes IMMEDIATE Digital Download of Both Songs at 320kbps with Artwork!!

Price $6.5

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