i saw Asa Irons a little bit more than a year ago live in Berlin and fell in love with his music immediately. very sparse and hunting melancholic folk. I just found out, that he released a new record and that there is a limited Art Edition as well. If you’re into folk music and like artists like Micah Blue Smaldone or Elephant Micah you should definitively buy this.

“Asa Irons is a Terrra Mystic tradesman born in New Hampshire, USA.  A stonemason and carpenter by trade, he gracefully distills these salt of the earth qualities into song.  Havine been a central figure in the band Feathers, as well as playing in Witch, MV&EE, and Taboo, Asa is no stranger to spiritual/sonic environs.  His songs are meticulously crafted, yet maintain an open and humble feeling. On “Knife Gift Debt,” Asa explodes his past recordings.  A stone foundation blossoms into a structure which can encompass the whole, all elements of this incredibly dynamic songwriter getting equal play.  Traditional folk forms still provide the backbone for these songs, but like all folk masterpieces, the rules yield to the artist’s vision.  The now elaborate, lush arrangements of this new and original material are composed by Asa himself, and recorded and co-produced by Caleb Mulkerin and Micah Blue Smalldone.  The sound is sparse yet massive, cinematic and extremely intimate.  Asa has enlisted close friends Big Blood, Micha Blue Smalldone, Tom K, Janane Tripp and others to help carry out this vision.”

The Details

The art edition is in an edition of 70 and I have 8 left. They are much more elaborately designed than the factory records, but in the similar design as the factory editions. the vinyl has white labels, hand stamped "L.F.O.D" in olde English lettering. The Jackets are brown with 3 hand stamps and hi res printed photo 8 1/2" x 11" on the front. There is a 11"X11" insert as well.

Price $25

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