The sixties.  It’s a treasure trove, vinyl addicts, and Light in the Attic Records is your map to the endless lairs of seductively obscure musical antiquities.

Arthur Lee Harper’s legacy resides among the vast reservoir of all-but-forgotten hippie, folkie, peacenik singer-songwriters who had momentary spurs of genius, and then faded away into mystery.  Dreams and Images is his tragically-overlooked 1968 psych folk wonder, a full-length of somber ballads that evoke the same winter melancholy as Simon & Garfunkel or Leonard Cohen.  Lyrically, however, Arthur chose a far less political path, choosing poetic surrealism as his focus. “Yellow bouquet, velvet sachet, girl that I love named Valentine Grey” is the same lyrical content that a young pre-glam Marc Bolan was writing at the time.

He wasn’t ahead of his time, but he danced to the beat of his own drum.  Grab a glass of ice and pour yourself a pint of vintage-dated chamber pop.


P.S. (Bonus props for sporting a Bieber ‘do 40 years before he was born.  Maybe he was ahead of his time!)

The Details

First ever LP reissue, first time on CD & Digital
Produced by Lee Hazlewood
Featuring three unreleased tracks
In-depth liner notes by LHI Archive Series co-producer Hunter Lea with unseen archive photos
All tracks newly remastered from the original tapes
Color vinyl editions:
+ LITA Vinyl Subscriber Exclusive – 200 on “Lavender” wax
+ Pre-order Exclusive – 150 on “Valentine Grey” wax —> limit 2 per customer
LP housed in deluxe Stoughton “Tip-On” gatefold jacket

Price $20

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