RIYL: Big Thief, Angel Olsen, Mac DeMarco, Julien Baker

Label: Polyvinyl Records

Anna Burch returns with her Sophomore album If You’re Dreaming through polyvinyl records in April, currently up for pre-order. Anna has put out her first single, “Not So Bad” and the ironic naivety in the wordplay and Mac DeMarco-esk jangle guitar create a picturesque view of a world that really doesn’t seem as bad as people portray it to be and we should all just enjoy it and frolic around dreamily. Don’t get me wrong, this track is delightful, so the rest of the album will be highly anticipated, at least by me. Here is a little blurb from polyvinyl:

If You’re Dreaming was tracked with producer Sam Evian in his home studio in the Catskill mountains of upstate New York. Where the first album had been a rush of inspired songwriting followed by a drawn-out process of arrangement and mixing, Burch and Evian worked with self-imposed time limitations to establish a sharper focus and get to the core of the new songs. The work was swift but somehow more relaxed, locking into a groove of tracking the basic elements and then expanding on the arrangements with overdubs and auxiliary instrumentation. The end goal was to present not just an assortment of new songs, but craft an album that moved dynamically through an interconnected emotional arc.

With recurring themes of isolation, weariness and longing, these songs deliver that emotional arc with a delicate but uncompromising execution. Burch’s intrinsically catchy songwriting dials down the urgency of her debut a notch, taking a turn towards airy, jazz-voiced chords, floating reverb and an expansion of the sonic palate with unexpected instrumentation. The soft-rock bass grooves and understated saxophone lines of “Not So Bad” push an impressive pop structure into exciting new territory, and the sweetly melancholic “Tell Me What’s True” centers around muted electric piano, its languid but metered vibe recalling the gentler side of Carole King.

The Details

Early Bird Vinyl + Digital
Limited to 500.
First Pressing.
Polyvinyl Exclusive.

Test Pressing with Early Bird Vinyl + Digital
Limited to 30.
Hand numbered.
Screen printed jacket.
Includes certificate of authenticity.
Includes Early Bird LP.
10% of proceeds donated to the United Community Housing Coalition.

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Price $20

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