“Indiscreet Mirror” is Alex Monks second album and another beauty. A mix between minimal folk songs and drown passages. the quiet parts remind me of some outsider acid folk from the late 60’s or 70’s. They often evolve to something louder and darker, especially on the longer songs. It’s not an easy listen, the unexpected breaks and changes deserve an exact listening. If you like the newer Boduf Songs or music that changes between very quiet and loud experimental parts, this could be for you. listen to the record below, it’s worth it.

“An eclectic soundtrack to a beautifully intimate and loved up atmosphere.”

This transmuting of familiar elements beyond mere pastiche into something more mysterious resonates with the music – it is old fashioned yet a-historic, familiar yet fractured and uncanny…Such psychedelic territories have been overworked and overexploited by others, but Monk has succeeded in finding a distinct voice, which is greatly to his credit and anticipates greater things yet to come.”  The Wire

The Details

Limited edition 50 copies 12 inch vinyl
Screen printed sleeve with marble white vinyl

Price $24

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