Sometimes I buy records for the music (ie. Neko Case). Sometimes I buy it because the cover reels me in and I’ll give it a try (ie. My Sleeping Karma). But other times I go a little arty and initially buy  for the vinyl itself (ie. the real leaves pressed into the Subtle Cruelties by Barren Harvest). “But is the music any good?” my wife will say. That has turned into a rhetorical question around the house.

I know some of you are enamored the dazzling vinyl being pressed these days and I would bet that many of you have some records in the ol’ collection that have been lovingly made by Wax Mage Records in Cleveland, Ohio. Heather Gmucs and Sarah Barker are about as creative and daring as you can get. They weave their magic on small runs like the very sought-after Ralph Steadman 7″ released by Philthy Phonographic Records and I KNOW people were buying it for the art.

So here’s the deal: Wax Mage has been inundated with requests to buy their one-offs as they post them on social media. Some are unique, some are a bit wonky, and some are downright dazzling. Since the ladies don’t record music, they are offering to quench some of that vinyl thirst and offer a limited package of their wax experiments. The 20 packages will include one 12″ and one 7″ record. No choices or requests. The 12″ will be blank on one side and etched on the other, while the 7″ is blank on both sides. Sets will be numbered and include their new stickers and pins. What can you do with blank records, you ask? Besides displaying your newly-purchased art, the blanks can be used to calibrate your anti-skating on your turntable. So there.

The Details

Hey! We Heather Gmucs and Sarah Barker, we like to make colored records. We both work at Gotta Groove Records in Cleveland, Ohio where we are fortunate enough to have the tools and materials necessary to experiment with vinyl. The results of our experiments are insane custom records that are as unique as snowflakes. We started using the name Wax Mage Records in 2015 to showcase our combined skills and art, and to allow people to purchase our records. Thank you for your interest! preorder is for one of only 20 mystery packages including TWO art records, a 12" 180g record and a 7" art record.

Price $75

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