I wrote about William Ryan Fritch a few weeks back and if you haven’t already gotten around to listening to Revisionist, go ahead and rectify that situation by clicking on these very words. Vieo Abungo is an alias of Fritch’s, obviously (otherwise I wouldn’t’ve brought him up) and Abungo is, more or less, an outlet for the more exotic takes on his cavernous and cinematic compositions. And The World Is Still Yawning feels like it could take place in the middle of Africa, Asia or South America – somewhere where the jungles and oceans are as intense as the sunshine. And The World Is Still Yawning is quite an ominous/ambiguous title, as well… what it means, I suppose, is entirely up to you. The ethos within And The World Is Still Yawning comes off as hopeful, yet mournful – kind of like a Monday morning. Check out a preview of And The World Is Still Yawning below via the Bandcamp player and look it up on Spotify for the whole thing to see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

The Deluxe Edition Vinyl includes:
• Original album on 180 gram vinyl
• 78 minute remix CD (limited to 250 copies) housed in a handmade amate stitched paper case. It is mastered by Nils Frahm. It features remixes and collaborations from Joan Jeanrenaud (formerly of Kronos Quartet), Benoit Pioulard, Sven Kacirek, Field Rotation, Aaron Martin, Part Timer (Upward Arrows), Nils Frahm, the Green Kingdom, Humble Bee, Skyphone, Sun Hammer, Cock and Swan, Need More Sources, and Tokyo Bloodworm.
• 18"x18" Full color poster
• 320K MP3 Download Coupon

Price $22

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