RIYL: Noise, Sun Ra

Label: Monofonus

I know there are some die hard Thurston Moore fans out there who will get everything he puts out, so I’m going to post this but it’s just not my cup of tea. This is Thurston More & Umut Caglar wailing on guitars back and forth amidst a plethora of sounds and noise. If you are into it, go for it!

Dunia: Limited to 500 one time pressing on black vinyl!

with b&w photo insert & download card. 

Dunia was recorded in Istanbul, Turkey during the same trip that teamed Thurston Moore with Konstrukt for a concert. The duo recording was done quietly in a studio as an aside on the very same trip. There is little here that will come as a true surprise to those familiar with Moore or Caglar/Konstrukt. The most exciting thing about Dunia is that this fresh duo pairing finds Moore in absolute prime form alongside his newfound foil in Caglar. Caglar, who is known for being a multi-instrumentalist more than a guitarist, pushes and prods Moore into unexpected directions (including the absolutely beautiful first half of “Kensaku”) and not to be outdone, Caglar holds his own against Moore on the all out assault of the first half of “The Red Sun.” This isn’t a jazz record, this isn’t a noise record, this isn’t even a guitar record, this is an LP full of intensely challenging and rewarding music. At times the pair sounds more akin to electronic music with sustained tones and piercing highs. Beautifully recorded and beautifully mastered by Alan Jones at Laminal Audio. Hopefully this is the first many documents of wonderful pairing of Moore & Caglar.

Also available throught the Monofonus Site Here, however, it’s 16 bucks and 5 dollars shipping.

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Thurston Moore & Umut Caglar’s “Dunia” is out October 27, 2017 in a one time only pressing of 500 LP’s with b&w photo insert & a download card.

$4 shipping for the USA through the bandcamp site.

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Price $15

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