This might be the most expensive item I’ve written about to date. At £100 (or, currently in USD, 164.66) shipped, this is quite the whopper of a record. This is a single-sided release and the reason for the exorbitant price is for Cafe OTO’s need for new equipment. If you like what Cafe OTO is doing, along with their OTOroku label then by all means buy this. This record is meant as a fundraiser and, if nothing else, an oddity. This appears to be a one-off collaboration between Alex Ward & Thurston Moore although the two have known each other for over a decade. The origination of this collaboration is a bit interesting as well, as it was apparently spontaneous. After a set of Alex Ward’s (who plays the clarinet and operates the amplifier on here), Thurston Moore got on stage and just started fiddling with his guitar. He began using tools to get feedback and he, of course, started to generate a bunch of noise. Alex Ward then joined in with him and the result is… this free jazz odyssey of sorts. Check out a preview of the record below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Limited edition of 100 LPs pressed as a fundraiser for Cafe OTO to acquire some new equipment.

Thurston Moore / Guitar
Alex Ward / Clarinet, Amplifier

Recorded 20 March 2012 at Cafe OTO by John Chantler & Jonny McHugh.
Mixed by Alex Ward, Vinyl cut by Nick @ Curved.

Cover image courtesy of Matti Braun.

All proceeds from this LP go towards Cafe OTO's equipment fund thanks to the kind generosity of Thurston, Alex and Matti. Price includes international shipping.

100 copies pressed via Curved - who use MPO in France. Two colour silkscreen print sleeves on 380gsm acid-free archival quality card stock, printed by Pat at Heavyrock, Brighton.

Price $164.66

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