The Land Increases seems to begin and end before you can bat an eye. All of the songs bleed in to each other, and the tracks only last for around a minute each (save for two). After you make it through the first time, it’s hard to even summarize what you just listened to. Japanese vocal samples and garbled English vocals are riddled throughout this experimental beat piece and plenty of static and warped instrumentation to go with it. Even with its use of Japanese for song titles, a common characteristic of vaporwave songs, I’m not sure this could be considered vaporwave due to its lack of an eighties or nineties aesthetic within. While vaporwaves wears on you and digs in to your head with its habit to take phrases, or smooth jazz loops, and repeat them ad nauseam, The Land Increases just whizzes on by you in order to arouse your curiosity and investigate it more with listen upon listen figuring out what exactly this is. This is an ingenious release and great for short attention spans. Listen to the album below and see what you think of it. To purchase the album, hover your mouse over the very top bar which should say to the far left “004.” Cheers!

The Details

Written and recorded by じ. KO in New York, NY.
Mixed/produced/mastered by Jeffrey Dalessandro in New York, NY.
Pressed to seven inch vinyl; handstamped in New York, NY.
Released by No Recordings on June 18, 2013.

Price $10

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