David Bowie ditched glam for philly soul.  Radiohead went electronic.  Beck went from alt rock to sample-heavy hip hop beats to acoustic experimentation to sweaty funk to heartbreaking slow ballads.  In 8 years.

Face it.  Your favorite artists are not going to be who you want them to be.

The Horrors don’t like getting comfortable.  With every upcoming Horrors album, the first track reveal is always met with a unanimous “This is the Horrors?”  2009’s 8-minute “Sea Within a Sea” shocked the legions of goth punk fans they won over with “Strange House”, only to garner a massive new following of shoegazing romantics.  2011’s “Skying” saw much more electronic experimentation, yet again leaving fans and critics puzzled, but intrigued…

Like it or hate it, The Horrors are on the path they want to be on, they’re probably not going to play your favorite song on tour, you will continue to be surprised with every release they put out…and that is why they are still around almost a decade later.  Viva Horrors.

No colored wax on this one, but they have autographed deluxe copies for a limited time.

The Details

Deluxe Dbl LP comes in a gatefold jacket with printed inner sleeves and spot gloss UV cover, are pressed on 180 gram vinyl and will be autographed by the band, LIMITED SUPPLIES.
Deluxe and regular Dbl LP both include an MP3 download coupon.

Price $30

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