At the beginning of this year you may have read the New York Times or Dust & Grooves articles about Rutherford Chang and his art project, “We Buy White Albums” where he only purchases copies of The Beatles “White Album” and he displayed them at a gallery:  “ My collection of White Albums is on display at Recess, a storefront art space in SoHo. It’s set up like a record store with the albums arranged in bins by serial number, and visitors are invited to browse and listen to the records. Except, rather than sell the albums, I am buying more. I currently have 693 copies.

He has now taken this project a step further and he has layered the sound of 100 copies of the record on top of each other.  Since each copy has it’s own imperfections the sound of each individual record will slowly go out of synch with each other creating something that Phil Spector could only dream of.

Every detail of this release looks and sounds really cool.

The Details

Created by layering 100 unique copies of The Beatles' White Album, this 96 minute double-LP captures how every copy of the iconic album has been distinctly shaped by its history, both visually and sonically. The 45 year-old albums, with scratches and physical imperfections accumulated with age, all play slightly differently, causing the 100 layers to gradually drift out of sync over the course of each side.

The gatefold cover and disc labels are composites of the weathered and graffitied originals. Also included is a 24 x 24 inch poster insert featuring images of the individual covers.

This album was made from an ongoing collection of over 800 first-pressings of The White Album. Please see the following articles for more information.

Price $20

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