In the minute-and-a-half preview of Become, you hear blood curdling screams and dissonant doom-y guitar drones. Near the end, the screams trail off in what sounds like a struggle. Our very own Ralph Etter wrote about a Sutekh Hexen split release back in March, actually. Sutekh Hexen seem to be a little scarce concerning their material presence online, however there is a Bandcamp stream of Become that you can check out. If total despair had a sound, Sutekh Hexen represent it well. “Five Faces of Decay” has unrelenting drones and mutant screaming – it’s some of the heaviest stuff I’ve ever heard. The noise is just overpowering and deafening at times, to the point where it feels like you’re about to have a sensory overload. This power they exude just never lets up, pounding your ear drums one second at a time. “The Voice : The Void” (which is what you’ll hear in the YouTube preview) is just another tsunami of noise that pounds away at your sanity. Check out both tracks below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

"SUTEKH HEXEN "Become" 12" EP. Originally released on 1/4" tape reel by Auris Apothecary, "Become" centers on vortex, repetition, and inducing trance-like states. This release serves to bridge the gap between "Behind the Throne" LP (2012) and "Monument of Decay" EP (3rd quarter 2013). This release has been remastered for vinyl by James Plotkin and will be presented in HEAVY Stoughton tip-on jackets, featuring lavish metallic gold and black offset printing, and 2 vinyl colorways. Adorned with brand new artwork and layout by Kevin Gan Yuen with source photography by Patricia Cram."


Limit one GOLD VINYL version per person.

Price $16.5

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