Arcade Fire violinist, and acclaimed solo artist, Sarah Neufeld’s sophomore effort, The Ridge, will be releasing on lovely Canadian label Paper Bag Records in February – Arcade Fire drummer, Jeremy Gara, contributes to the percussion on The Ridge. The first single we have available from this album, which happens to be the title & intro track, clocks in at over eight minutes and if you’re enjoying this, the time will go by a lot faster. The first thirty seconds or so sounds like an opulent beginning to a Victorian-era drama (or the perfect music to go with the vaguest of art house trailers), with the heavily staccato’d strings. The progression takes its time, with cymbal crashes, Neufeld’s wordless vocals (until the six minute-ish mark) and rumbling bass underneath all the fluff. By the time the song ends, you’ll be wanting more… which is the sign of a good introduction. Listen to “The Ridge” below via the SoundCloud player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details


Montréal's Sarah Neufeld is set to release her new full-length albumThe Ridge on February 26th, 2016 on Paper Bag Records. Listen to the album's title track here.

Sarah Neufeld is a violinist and composer based in Montréal, Canada. Best known as a member of Arcade Fire, she is also a founding member of the acclaimed contemporary instrumental ensemble Bell Orchestre, and most recently as half of an exciting new duo with renowned saxophonist Colin Stetson.

The Ridge is a body of work that sees Neufeld moving away from Hero Brother's classical minimalism and sepulchral ambience, and into the world of rhythmic pop minimalism. The new album employs more emphasis on vocalizations than Neufeld's previous works; the interplay between Neufeld’s voice and violin has become strongly integrated and narrative. The album also features Arcade Fire’s Jeremy Gara on drums, adding greater layers to the compositions, creating an intense, dynamic atmosphere, and a captivating listen from start to finish.

In addition to touring as a duo with Colin Stetson throughout 2015, Neufeld will be touring extensively as a soloist, in support her upcoming sophomore release in 2016.
1. The Ridge
2. We've Got A Lot
3. They All Came Down
4. The Glow
5. Chase The Bright and Burning
6. A Long Awaited Scar
7. From Our Animal
8. Where The Light Comes In

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