Sam Kidel (aka El Kid)’s latest release is inspired by Henri Michaux’s “Untitled (Movements)” drawing of the same name – you’ll be able to get a glimpse of that when you click the Buy Now button below. Like Michaux’s primitive drawing, Kidel’s drones are cold, spacious and almost ancient. We’re more than half a century removed from the piece in question, but Kidel definitely does it justice. Boomkat describes these as “transmissions,” and hey, that’s not bad considering this sounds like these could be emitting from some UFO. Throughout the feedback that loops, along with the cracks, crashes and scratches, there’s this persistent heartbeat-like bass thump that stomps through the murky swamps Kidel’s created. As you let this play, let these Movements sweep you away while you possibly take some time to stare at Kidel’s muse. Another viable option would be letting this play in the dark while you have a computer monitor’s light radiating on to the wall’s paint and everything else it happens to be staring at. Check out the preview to Untitled (Movements) below via the Boomkat player and see what you think of it. One more thing – that price includes shipping. Cheers!

The Details

Sam Kidel a.k.a. El Kid presents an extended drone work for the excellent Entr’acte label inspired by Henri Michaux’s ‘Untitled (Movements)’ drawing.

Located much farther out than his work with Killing Sound or the Young Echo collective, or even his numerous soundtracks for film, TV and theatre, the piece is based on two layers of synthesiser - one outputting the wavering, natural heat fluctuations of analogue circuitry, and another undergoing a slow and subtle metamorphosis.

Pocked with collaged clippings of a modified guitar, the results recall Bellows’ incredible crack’d tape loops as much as Eliane Radigue’s microtonal works and Jim O’Rourke’s prepared guitar pieces, fracking salty synth tones and quivering partials with jagged scree to patient, stealthily hypnotic effect. In other words - it’s really pretty great and definitely one of the most interesting transmissions yet from any of the members of this already prolific collective.

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