Synthesizers and synthetic instruments in general are more than abundant in the modern age of music. Synthesizers weren’t something you could just go to the store for and buy for a couple hundred dollars, even download for free. Synthesizers back in their primitive form were mostly made from scratch. It’s mind boggling that we were able to figure out how to manipulate electronic waves to conform to notes or whatever shape we’d like to bend them to; the fact that a machine can make harmonious noise is insane, if you take a minute to realize that. The SalMar Construction, named after Salvatore Martirano, is believed to be the first “interactive composing machine,” digitally speaking. As is common with most primitive synthesizer music, it has an air that wouldn’t be out of place within an old sci-fi horror flick. It sounds as if Martirano is figuring out the ropes of this machine as the recording plays. Check out a preview by going through the Buy Now link below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

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The SalMar Construction is an amazing large music synthesis engine conceived and constructed in the early 1970's by a composer for use by a composer. These unreleased recordings were made at IRCAM in Paris in 1983. It illustrates the power that an electronic composition can achieve when the composer arrives at a true synergy with his synthesizer.

This LP represents a significant performance by Salvatore Martirano (1927-1995) on his unique instrument, the SalMar Construction. Under development from the late 1960s, the SalMar is believed to be the first interactive 'composing machine' with digital logic circuits at its heart. The performance took place in the spring of 1983 at the Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique (IRCAM) in Paris. It illustrates the power that an electronic composition can achieve when the composer arrives at a true synergy with his synthesizer.When you listen to this recorded performance of Sal Martirano playing his 'Construction,' you experience such mastery. The instrument under his command does his bidding, and what you hear are compositions, not jams.

Salvatore Martirano (b. New York, 1927; d. 1995): In 1963, Martirano joined the Theory and Composition Department at the University of Illinois, where he remained on the faculty until his retirement and death in 1995. Many of Martirano's early works incorporate twelve-tone compositional techniques as well as jazz, vernacular, and multimedia idioms. His best-known composition, 'L's GA' (Lincoln's Gettysburg Address), was widely performed in the late 1960s and early 1970s and became associated with the anti-war movement. In 1969, Salvatore Martirano along with a group of engineers and musicians at the University of Illinois began work on the design and construction of a musical electronic instrument: the SalMar Construction.
Salvatore Martirano: The SalMar ...

The SalMar - Part One Salvatore Martirano 19:43
The SalMar - Part Two Salvatore Martirano 22:06

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