How Well Can You Swim is another eclectic release from eclectic label Gold Robot Records. “Tennis Lesson,” the only song Gold Robot made available for streaming contains a chorus of Salas’ many voices, and there’s possibly a woman somewhere in the mix. This B-side defies any genre classification and I imagine some would hesitate to even call this music but the beauty of music (and the arts in general) is that there is no true definition to what is music and what is defined as good or bad – it all lies in the ears of the beholder. “How Well Can You Swim” echoes the same sentiments as “Tennis Lesson” in terms of mood and style, although there’s a somewhat discernible melody in the midst of it all. Chaos, discord, sadness and confusion come to mind when I listened to these songs. Check out both of the aforementioned songs below and see what you think of them. Cheers!

The Details

Panther is Charlie Salas, and Charlie Salas is Panther. A rare talent whose brand of music is oft-described as dance, sometimes as electronic, and just as often some sort of soul. While the fame afforded by his energetic live shows often precedes him, the tracks on this single persevere on their own.


[A1] Panther - How Well Can You Swim (Album Version)
[A2] Panther - Burning
[B1] Panther - How Well Can You Swim (Alternate Mix)
[B2] Panther - Tennis Lesson

Price $4

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