Let the trippiness envelop you. I mean what would really happen if Panda Bear met the Grim Reaper. I mean obvious answer he’d die, but based on Bill & Ted’s 2 you play an epic set of giant board games. I wonder what kind of board games Panda Bear would be good at? I bet he’d be good at bananagrams

This album will most likely be held together looser than the review I’m creating right now. That being said it’ll be filled with moments of pure magic, moments that you’ll never understand and everything in between.

For $30 this is a helluva steal. 3 slabs of 180g wax for $30. Thanks AnCo fam.  You can haz my money.

The Details

Limited edition vinyl version includes 2xLP album and Mr Noah EP
Panda Bear Meets The Grim Reaper 2xLP (180 gram heavyweight vinyl)
Mr Noah EP 12" (180 gram heavyweight vinyl)
Deluxe outer wrapped package includes 3 printed color inner LP sleeves
A download of the Mr Noah EP and Panda Bear Meets The Grim Reaper LP as MP3 / 16-bit WAV / 24-bit WAV. The EP download is available immediately, and the LP download available to you on release date.
Your album, EP and lithograph will ship together to arrive the week of 12th January 2015 and you will receive an email when they have left our warehouse.

Price $30

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