Our Love Will Destroy The World andĀ Carnivorous Rainbows are two titles akin to overweight Welsh corgis frothing at the mouth – you want to give them a hug so strong that it would border on strangulation but you keep your distance, and hesitance, because of the whole rabies thing. The synthesizers and various samples being played throughout the gargantuanĀ cake of sound grind away at your ear drums relentlessly.Ā Ba Da Bing!Ā describes this as a “gorgeous tapestry of sound.” When you first press play onĀ Carnivorous Rainbows, one of many thoughts that might cross your mind might go along the lines of “were they high when they wrote this synopsis?” As you let the intense waves swell, it becomes like a lawnmower/leafblower just outside the walls of your home – at first, you don’t like it but eventually it just becomes a part of the surroundings. You can learn to enjoy it. Listen toĀ Carnivorous Rainbows below via the Spotify player and see what you think of it. Cheers!


The Details

Witness the latest rebirth of Campbell Kneale. It has happened before, and probably will again. This Featherston, New Zealand, artist is on the forefront of the world noise scene, having cut his teeth for a decade in Birchville Cat Motel and more recently as Our Love Will Destroy the World. Carnivorous Rainbows is electronic music at its most relentless; four tracks of pure, hot skree constantly rebuilding like a viperā€™s unpredictable strike. Some percussion rattles throughout, a few instruments are arguably perceptible, and a beautiful harmony of intensity creates a gorgeous tapestry of sounds.

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