This release was somehow glossed over here on Sly Vinyl… until now. Mount Eerie, as you already know, is Phil Elverum’s lo-fi/folk recording project formerly known as The Microphones. On Pre-Human Ideas, Elverum goes through his past material and gives it a new life. He rewrites/adds to lyrics, filters his voice through vocoders and autotuning, slathers on additional synthetic instrumentation (or replaces the instrumentation completely), and lengthens (or shortens) songs. The end results are oddly enjoyable. Don’t let the word “autotune” turn you off from the get-go, but let it be inviting. The intro and outro “Organs” tracks could be classified as a cheery sort of drone – they remind me of Jim O’Rourke’s two-and-a-half hour epic song “Long Night.” If you’re a Mount Eerie/Microphones fan, I don’t think you should pigeonhole this album as filler/non-canon but you should give it a fair chance like the rest of his albums. Check it out below via the Spotify stream and see what you think of it.

As for what the picture disc looks like, expect something like this – it appears there are multiple variations of the sleeve it comes in.



The Details

*Picture disc limited to 250 copies.* These are strange computer recordings of pre-existing Mount Eerie songs, mostly from Clear Moon and Ocean Roar. Here, they are given new life in cascading walls of MIDI instruments and Phil Elverum's voice. The first and last tracks are organ compositions previously buried within other songs.

Price $23.5

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