I wrote about Matthew Sullivan’s Hell on Earth the other day, along with his collaboration with Sean McCann, so I figured I’d keep the Sullivan streak going with this split release he did with experimental New York composer Michael Pisaro. Released on Bánh Mì Verlag not too long ago, this LP explores minimalism in two forms. Pisaro’s A-Side “Add Red (Grey Series No. 3)” starts with a rather jarring microphone interference, but then he manages to turn that in to a sleepy drone. The wind howls and the distortion kicks in the door. As time goes on, you begin to think it sounds like running water you hear in the walls or you could liken this to putting your ear right next to a stream. With few elements, Pisaro turns what we perceive as harsh in to something ambient. “Meaning, Figueroa” is musique concrète to the core, with its recordings of some percussion (pitched down cymbals?) and birds calling out in to the wind. Check out both songs below via SoundCloud and Bandcamp and see what you think of them. Cheers!

The Details

Split LP with Michael Pisaro on Bánh Mì Verlag 2014.

Michael Pisaro "Add Red (Grey Series No. 3)" (Includes Score for piece)
Matthew Sullivan "Meaning Figueroa"

Price $15

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