The neon signs bleat and flutter the latest brands, towering over the city of Austin, Texas, submerging it in shadows. Hoards of industry figures with asymmetrical haircuts and $800 sunglasses sip $6 Lone Stars as they stare blankly into their mobile devices, scrolling through meaningless drivel and twitter rants as a poverty-stricken singer/songwriter from Wisconsin, who spent her last $300 on gas money and Ramen noodles, bleeds over her art on the small stage in front of them.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s the first day of music for SXSW, and while the music all sounds gorgeous and inspirational then…it all blends into high-pitched noise by Saturday night.  Allow Xiu Xiu and Merzbow to demonstrate that for you below.  It’s metal machine mayhem, and it can be yours for just $17…the price of 3 Lone Stars during SXSW.  Happy trails, and godspeed.

The Details

Full length album from the debut collaboration of Japanese noise giant Merzbow and LA-based experimental/art-rock outfit Xiu Xiu. Two sides of brooding, pulsing noise to take you to a dark place.
Released for Record Store Day 2015. Limited to a one-time press of /1000 copies on splattered vinyl.

Price $17

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