I have another oddity for you, Sly. I don’t think you could really call this music, but the idea of “music” is completely subjective I suppose. These recordings were made between the years of 1952 and 1968 and even by our standards today, this could be considered avant-garde. The first track on here just has Lemaître doing clicks and noises along with a rock n’ roll song playing in the background; it sounds like something you could’ve heard within the confines of Pulp Fiction’s soundtrack or in American Graffiti. The second track on Poemes… seems like something you’d watch at an open mic night in complete awe – that awe can be out of confusion or repulsion. The third track has Lemaître and company just chanting in unison and they sound like they’re performing some forbidden ritual. You can imagine the gargantuan bonfire in the middle of some dark European forest, with Aleister Crowley just watching from the shadows. Check out previews of the three tracks via the Boomkat player below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

alga marghen presents an exceptionally wild sonic art and poetry document, Maurice Lemaitre "Poémes et musiques lettristes et hyperphonie" recorded between 1952 and 1968. What does Lemaitre contribute to the Isouian poetic creation? What... music as background to "lettries"? These are heretic hyperphonies forming such a specific corpus in the lettric sphere. Neither Isou, nor Pomerand, Dufrene, Wolman, or Spacagna achieved what Lemaitre did. Lemaitre dares the unthinkable: neo-yeye rhythmic muzak destroyed by "lettries" disseminated with the biggest care. One more treasure: the very "pop music" oriented Lemaitre with his "I wanna go home mister" blues, here in a version with a borderline insane companion: Isidore Isou. Never a bluesman, thanks only to his irradiant genius, has ever been such a stoned sideman as Isou. This record includes an improvisation held at the Museum of Modern Art, Paris, 1961, in the context of a reading by Isidore Isou. Also included on this LP is a previously unreleased torrid "concerto" titled "L'alcove" for a lettrist male chorus and female solo orgasms, followed by "L'ascension du Phenix M.B.", a sound collage from 1967 (predating more than 10 years M.B. first primitive concrete music assemblages under the name Sacher Pelz). No need of Yoko Ono's loops for another "Revolution 9". one year before Lemaitre cuts the tape with a scalpel, leaving the cuts exposed: home revolution in between two manifestos and three hypergraphic paintings. Offer yourself the joy of listening to these recordings that alas Lemaitre, whose hearing stops precisely at 250Hz, can no longer have the pleasure to taste. Edition limited to 240 copies, with liner notes by Frederic Acquaviva and a fantastic front cover drawing by Maurice Lemaitre.

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