Mark Fell, of Sensate Focus and various other groups and aliases, has begun what appears to be a 7″ series on his brand new imprint of the same name. Fell & Sandro Mussida have partnered up for this go-round, but we might see different pairings in the future. For the article at hand, Object Relations #1 consists of extremely austere atmospherics. The cello on both “01” and “02” conveys a melancholic and manic depression against this sharp, piercing drum machine that varies in tempo throughout the playtime. The cello and the drum machine seem like they’re in a race, with the drum machine setting the pace. The cello attempts to keep up with its pace, but it begins to sob as it can’t keep up. It’s like the cello begins to rebel and war against the standard this drum machine is putting forth. On “02,” the drum machine gets upped to a near-impossible BPM and the cello again attempts to keep up with its accomplice; the cello is pure chaos. Check out both songs below via the Boomkat player and see what you think of it. Cheers!


The Details

Object Relations is a very promising new 7" label curated by Mark Fell focusing on collaborations between diverse artistic practices. Recorded in Milan, 2014, the label's inaugural edition establishes its remit in a unique combination of Fell's crafty Linndrum programming with the adroit, keening cello improvisation of trained cellist and composer Sandro Mussida, following their meeting and performance in Tuscany at the International Encounters in Sound event. On both sides, Fell's elliptical microtemporal rhythm arrangements are matched and coloured with compelling streaks and wooden strikes from Mussida in a tussle of crooked time signatures and rhythmelodic cadence resolving and dispersing at oblique yet somehow elegant angles. The first results of this collaboration sees a departure from the purely electronic asceticism of Fell's widely known work for Editions Mego or Raster Noton, and perhaps best compared with the minimalist, downtown early '80s experiments of Peter Zummo and Arthur Russell, albeit effectively shorn of that duo's more melodic affectations. That said, we've never heard anything quite like these pieces, and we'd wager they're gonna become very collectible. Well recommended.

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