Listener is most definitely unique. The most recent endeavor is a deep and truly passionate one. Lots is poured out on this release, effortlessly at that. Dan Smith and co. convey a deeply intimate and enveloping set of tracks through their form of genre-melting ‘spoken word rock.’ Emotion is so exponentially expressed throughout this album. Whether it’s the ‘chaos’ of the intro tracks “Eyes to the Ground for Change” and “Good News First” or the lonely guitar on the final track “It Will All Happen the Way It Should,” you will be able to attach so deeply to these songs that you’ll feel as though Listener has been there all along, throughout the years.

A truly sincere and potent release, to say the least. This album requires an investment. Give it the true dedicated listen it deserves; trust me, you’ll end with many, many rewards gained!

Pressing Information is not available on the site but I was able to get a definitive answer, it breaks down as such:

250 – Opaque Highlighter Yellow w/Grimace Purple and Baby Blue splatter
300 – Bone and Bronze A side/B side with Oxblood and Halloween Orange splatter.
200 – Black
Beautifully done!
– Limited Purple Glitter (Not Pictured)
– Transparent Green w/ Yellow Haze (Not Pictured)
– Half Purple / Half Sea Green (Not Pictured)
…. these are UK/Europe exclusives!!


The Details

Time Is A Machine - Vinyl

Features 8 new songs, printed lyric insert with studio photos, and a digital download card.
Color options:
Opaque yellow w/purple and light blue splatter
Marbled brown and tan w/red and green splatter
Standard black

Price $18

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