School is back in session for me (and numerous others), unfortunately. It was nice having three months to breathe, but that’s now behind me and I’m back in the thick of it. All the stress and worrying about if I’m forgetting something is in tow, but I’ve found ways to combat this. If you lend your ear to Lief Hall’s ethereal Voices, they might be able to help you out. Voices, this cassette, is a reissue of her album she self-released last year. The only instrument involved is Lief Hall’s voice, which is layered, pitch-shifted, chopped up and sprinkled every which way. This walks the line between something experimental and ambient/drone music. As the album rolls on, you find yourself drifting deeper and deeper in to an understated hypnosis. Lief Hall’s voice almost becomes white noise, amplifying your own thoughts and inducing intense meditation. Sound like something that’d be up your alley? Listen to the Bandcamp stream of Voices below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Cassette reissue of her self released 2014 album.

Voices is a series of compositions by Lief Hall which transform the voice through looping and layering, to evoke ethereal and dreamlike sonic landscapes which explore harmony, dissonance, texture, tone and rhythm.
released 31 August 2015

All art and sound by Lief Hall

Price $6

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