RIYL: twinkling despair

Label: Auditory Field Theory

Laica & Joe Ahmed’s DIVIDE came about after a chance meeting after a 24 hour broadcast of unheard music from artists all around the world – the broadcast was called “The Dark Outside.” As Auditory Field Theory writes in their synopsis of the record, “time has passed but it is still dark outside.” In the world of DIVIDE, at least from what I can hear in the gratuitous preview of the record, I don’t think the sun or stars are a concept. The horns, which sound like whale calls, bellow under the faint hollow synthesized chimes and noise. As the ever familiar industrial sound of metal banging against metal rings in, it reminds me of the nearly dead opening of Tarr Béla’s Damnation. You might envision the genesis of a hideous beast arising from the muck, with tar clogging its nostrils and smeared over its eyes. Listen to an excerpt of DIVIDE below via the Soundcloud player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

2016 . AFT015 . 12M / 36M

In September 2014, in the Galloway forest in Scotland, sound artist Frenchbloke curated The Dark Outside, a 24 hour radio broadcast of previously unheard music by artists from all over the world. Two of those artists were Laica and Joe Ahmed, friends who had not communicated with each other about creating pieces for the broadcast, in conversation after the event they spoke about swapping the music the had both created out of a mutual interest and discovered that both pieces shared similar themes, in due course a decision was made to release them both as a split album.

Time has passed but it is still dark outside.


7" Lathe Cut Record (Clear/Square)
A: Laica - Chashak (06:04)
B: Joe Ahmed - Giger Nomicon (06:00)

01. Laica - Chashak (Vinyl Edit) - (06:04)
02. Laica - Chashak (Full Edit) - (17:36)
03. Joe Ahmed - Giger Nomicon (Vinyl Edit) - (06:00)
04. Joe Ahmed - Giger Nomicon (Full Edit) - (17:29)

white cardboard jacket w/ diecut center hole
supplementary auditory field theory logo sticker (81mm x 81mm)

David Fleet (Laica)
Joe Ahmed
Artwork by Dylan Fleet
United Kingdom (2015)

please note: this lathe cut record was made one-at-a-time, by a real person, using an experimental process and 70 year old machines. It is not a pressed record and therefore It has slightly more surface noise and occasional light distortion in some frequencies. The volume is a little lower than a modern "post-loudness-war" record, so pump up the volume. It won't be audiophile, but it ought to sound pretty good considering the circumstances of it's birth. It might require tonearm adjustments (lighter weight and neutral anti-skip) in order to track correctly due the hard plastic having slightly shallower grooves than a traditional record. They do not always play well on some low-end turntables.

Price $12

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