Here’s number two and this officially catches me back up to where I need to be. Rejoice! Gongs consists of recordings done by Laurent Jeanneau in the heart of Southeast Asia, and in regards to Gongs specifically Cambodia and Laos. He’s undertaken a string of recordings in the region in order to preserve endangered minorities’ culture. Jeanneau does add his own spin to these gong orchestras but at times you can’t really tell whether it’s the orchestra enacting the effects or if it’s Jeanneau. Gongs is a heady, nearly forty minute, ride through the jungles that are laden throughout Cambodia and Laos complete with the sounds of bugs and birds calling in to the humid, tropical air. Gongs is worthy of soundtracking the mistiest of sauna and sweat lodge trips. It takes me back to this resort in Límons, Veracruz where this resort had constructed a rock mound you sat in while some guy did tribal chants while pouring in red hot stones in the center. My youthful lungs couldn’t take the heat so I bowed out about thirty minutes before it ended. Good times… Check out Gongs below via the Spotify player and see what you think of it. Cheers!


The Details

For Gongs, Laurent returns to his soundscape approach not seen since the Xinjiang LP (2011) and develops his unique re-versions around the extensive Gong recordings he made on location in the remote regions of Cambodia & Laos.

Over the years Jeanneau has become an expert of Gong orchestras of South East Asia, releasing in 2014 a double LP highlighting the different tonalities and resonances inherent to this kind of animistic ceremonies of the Asian Sub Continent (Gongs of Cambodia, Kink Gong recs, 2014). The compositions on this LP deform, re-assemble and distort said recordings.
They contain unedited acoustic recordings, computer modified parts, sound collages and acoustic recordings of people and instruments.

All tracks were recorded on location and re-arranged by Laurent Jeanneau in Dali, Paris & Berlin.

Vinyl pressing to 500 copies
Mastered & Cut at Dubplate @ Mastering by Rashad Becker

GongAside 19’04’’
GongBside 17’54’’

Price $20.96

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