Flenser Records is one of the most exciting labels out there¬†right now, consistently¬†bringing new artists into their roster that¬†defy genres and push boundaries. ¬†Their reissue of Have A Nice Life’s 2008 masterpiece¬†Deathconsciousness¬†was arguably the best vinyl package I bought last year (Who’s with me on that??), and their attention to detail is top notch. ¬†Challenging, experimental metal (experimetal?) and atmospheric post-punk anthems await you. ¬†If you haven’t done so already, dive in.

King Woman was started by Kristina Esfandiari in 2009, and has since released a few EPs under the name. ¬†She also fronted Whirr for a few years, a favorite band among the shoegazers and noisemakers. ¬†2015 marks King Woman’s first full-length, and according to The Flenser, it’s “a haunting sprawl of crushing, slo-mo miserablism.” ¬†As morose as that sounds, Esfandiari makes something uniquely beautiful here. ¬†In the same way that Chelsea Wolfe’s breathy inflection invokes both¬†anguish¬†and comfort, King Woman turns pain into sublime.

The guitars sound like they’re literally weeping on the 15 minute sprawler Dove from her previous EP Dove/Fond Affections. ¬†Echos of eerie whispers bounce through the cavernous production, violins sway in and out of frame, and above all, Esfandiari carries all of it along on¬†her powerful, yet humble delivery.

It’s limited to 500 copies, and you have a choice between black and ‘milky clear’. ¬†I imagine the clear edition is a pressing of 200 and the black is 300, but that’s just speculation. ¬†Regardless of the color you choose, don’t pass this one up. ¬†Winter’s here. ¬†Let’s get miserable together.

The Details

Doubt is a follow-up to previous EP releases Dove / Fond Affections (The Native Sound) and Degrida / Sick Bed (Sleep Genius). First pressing limited to 500 copies!
‚Äú‚Ķ both a classical approach to composition and a modern narrative of expressing sadness through slow-sinking quicksand.‚ÄĚ ‚ÄĒImpose

Price $14.5

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