RIYL: Holly Herndon

Label: Edition Gravats

This is French artist Jean-François Plomb’s debut release. This time, at least, showcases his live installation JiFlure, but who knows what we’ll hear/see on his next effort? Extraits, for the most part, appears to be made with non-traditional instrumentation – the only normal instrument the artist admits to using on this is a harmonica. The sounds you hear on this come from saw blades, windshield wiper motors, a “homemade percussive vibrator,” a radio, brochette spikes and who knows what else? Plomb, with Extraits, re-instills the thought that virtually anything can serve as an instrument with some mettle. Extraits walks the fine line between art and music (I realize the two are no mutually exclusive concepts, but I can’t think of a better way to word it), in much the same way Holly Herndon does with her production. Whether it’s something you genuinely enjoy, or want to have as an oddity in your collection, $11 and some change isn’t too bad. Listen to the Bandcamp stream of Extraits below and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Introduction of french artist / plastician performer Jean-François Plomb, showcasing his live installation JiFlure.

"From bits and bobs, three compressed cardboard suitcases containing 4 mechanical sanzas, built with circular saw blades, brochette spikes and windscreen wiper motors. And also a homemade percussive vibrator, some little mechanical percussions, a metronome, a radio, a harmonica..."

Price $11.43

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