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A New Year’s resolution of mine is to become at least conversationally fluent in Spanish this year, so any time I see Spanish I feel cultured as I translate titles such as these without the help of ye old Google Translator. El Espejo y el Mar, in English, translates to “The Mirror and the Sea” – the two are essentially the same, and whether Miami native Rene J. Nunez (Or is it Nuñez?) Cabrera planned for that or not… well, I’ll assume he did. The mirror can be like a sea, especially when there’s one situated behind another – looking at your back, and everything surrounding it, fade in to an infinite reflected ocean… the artificial abyss the mirror has the potential to be. The ocean, at its best, will be like glass and you’ll see your visage as you gaze in to its mass. Only behind it, instead of seeing döppelgangers, you’ll see the sand, fish, coral and other assorted sea creatures that are constantly evolving just like you. In the mirror, you’re in stasis and you only have a static image that will be eroded as time speeds by – you’re alone. At least with an ocean, you’re surrounded by life and its color. This album signifies a time for reflection. Listen to El Espejo y el Mar below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Horoscope is the multimedia project of Miami native and Brooklyn resident, Rene J Nunez Cabrera. Cabrera’s live performances are as much a raw, uncensored vehicle of personal catharsis as they are a ritualistic forecast of what the future may hold for those who attend. With numerous cassette releases on labels such as Ascetic house and Acid Casualty Productions and tours with a wide range of artists, Horoscope has been a fixture in contemporary noise circles.

Compared to his often violent and confrontational live sets, Cabrera’s debut vinyl release is a more meditative affair. In the artist’s words, El Espejo el y Mar evokes, “watching the moon illuminate a path across the water.” Synth lines glimmer and undulate, while waves of sound rise and subside at a cosmic pace. Composed, arranged and recorded with only a QCS MS-20 synthesizer, Tascam 4 track tape recorder and a Tarot deck, El Espejo el y Mar channels the more introspective aspects of Cabrera’s live set, lulling listeners into a daze where he invites them to create a horoscope all their own.
released December 4, 2015

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