The US Government may have shut down on this very October 1st in the year of our Lord but alas dear readers we, at Sly Vinyl, have not. Not Not Fun seems to have an endless supply of interesting releases to pull from, so once again I will be pulling from their catalogue for this piece. There seem to be a lot of wolves in the game right now: Wolves in the Throne Room, Wolf Eyes, Sea Wolf, Wolf Parade… AIDS Wolf… then there’s High Wolf. High Wolf presents unto the world a mix of world, psychedelic and woozy electronics. A band who came to mind when I listened to the two tracks available for preview (“Kulti” and “707”) reminded me of the Swedish band Goat. “Kulti” and “707” are hard to pin down genre wise. “707” is flirts a bit on the ambient side, while “Kulti” is just a creature of its own kind. A persistent rattling goes on in the song, along with colorful synthesizers underlaying the percussion. Not Not Fun, of course, provides a wonderful description of what you’re about to hear. Listen to “Kulti” and “707” below and see what you think of them. Cheers!


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The Details

French globe-tourist High Wolf has hand-rolled his way up Mount Fuji, trainspotted every corner of Europe, hitchiked across America and Australia, chugged Ganges water, and crouched on all manner of smoke-stained prayer rug since first looping a bongo back in ’09. His apprenticeship in the House Of Wah is nearly complete. He’s hinted at a potentially seismic shift in the High Wolf third eye doctrine lurking in the near future; perhaps his Away Team exfoliation moment is nigh. Lucky then that we’ve been able to coax/coach the astral jungle jah concoctions of Kairos: Chronos out into the ether, because this LP is the summation of his entire half-decade Amazon Cosmos quest. All the tenets of the HW mythology are in place: humid heatspells of hand-percussion, coiling snakecharmer fuzz-guitar stacked six deep, sunlit synth textures, dubby bass-lines thumping through grass amps, ceremonial voodoo babble, etc. From the hidden temple hymn “Kulti” to the 13-minute self-beheading solar eclipse shakedown, “Alvarado,” the record represents rarified proof of The Wolf On High. On tour now in every country on Earth. Black vinyl LPs in jackets designed by esteemed London visualist Anthony Gerace. Edition of 450.

Price $12

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