You can’t escape the highway.  We’ve lassoed the earth down down to its knees in them.  Trees are disappearing, the wildlife is retreating, and the pavement is taking over…inch by inch.

Hard truths like these need a spokesman.  Today, that voice is Hey Mother Death by way of spoken-word.  Similar to King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard’s Eyes Like the Sky, a vivid aural vision of Wild West revenge, Hey Mother Death’s Highway acts like a haunting audio book, a collection of ambient poetry.  Its sinister synth pulse acts as the foundation of the scene, guitars claw and scrape the asphalt like fingers on a chalkboard, and Denma Peisinger’s slithering spoken word hovers over the tension.

Pick the limited vinyl up on Paper Bag Records after the ‘buy’ link, but not before checking out the excellent music video accompaniment for the title track.  Mesmerizing.

The Details

Highway is a dubwise, spoken word album embedded with deep soul and cinematic overtones. This is a layered piece of music that grew over time and distance. The duo of Denma Peisinger and Laurence Strelka traveled with these recordings from the solitude of Petite Riviere, Nova Scotia to claustrophobia in Paris, finally settling down to finish the work at a 13th century house in Limousin, rural France. Electricity makes an album, and the electricity in Limousin was utterly haunted. The duo soon learned to conjure spells and control current with emotion, all the while struggling to cast demons out from their hearts, bodies, and centuries old walls. It was a process of supernatural reconciliation that is now etched way down in the groove on Highway.

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