Not many records will have the sheet music and lyrics transcribed on the label, as if this record isn’t unique enough. Hanna Tuulikki and Mischa Macpherson have adapted a traditional Gaelic spinning song, Oran Snìomhaidh, to their own mold. This song, yes song, requires some patience; remember “good things come to those who wait.” It’s over thirty minutes long and it builds gradually, repeating the same lyrics over and over again. The song starts out with the two dragging out the syllables in all of the lyrics as long as they possibly can, and as they rebound each time, the utterances get shorter and shorter then as they reach the peak, they begin to drag out the syllables longer and longer. The two also don’t sing in perfect harmony, so that adds another interesting element to the mix; it’s akin to watching the tide go in and out on the beach.

Due to the nature of having to flip the record the continuity is going to have a wrench thrown in but if listened to digitally, both sides blend seamlessly together for what it’s worth. If you hold tight, the reward is worth it. Check out spinning-in-stereo below via the Bandcamp player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

spinning-in-stereo is a composition for two voices, presented as a visual score, and vinyl LP featuring the voices of the artist, Hanna Tuulikki, and Mischa Macpherson, a singer and musician from Lewis. The piece adopts a traditional Gaelic spinning song, Oran Snìomhaidh, as the basis of a circular score that draws on the full cycle of working with wool and its associated musical traditions.

The piece was initially commissioned by Screen Bandita as a live soundtrack to Werner Kissling’s film ‘Eriskay: A Poem of Remote Lives' (1935) for their Rebel Landscapes tour (2013) and the record was produced with the Travelling Gallery for the exhibition GENERATION: TG, part of GENERATION: 25 Years of Contemporary Art in Scotland (2014).

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