Greg Haines new record comes out on the always interesting German record label Denovali. They really care abut their releases and this is no exception. Greg released music on Miasmah, Sonic Pieces, Kning Disk and Preservation and all his releases are quite different, witch is a really good thing. A lot of the experimental musicians stick to one thing and repeat themselves over and over again. “Moments Eluding” for example was a minimal solo piano work and “Until The Point Of Hushed Support” was a very dark affair that had a lot in common with modern ECM releases. The new one adds a lot more electronics and beats. It’s a mixture of Ambient, techno, dub, and electronica.  I love his previous work and i can only recommend to buy the limited vinyl box out on Denovali as well. it’s great to see him going new paths and i’ll give the record some more spins to see, if i can still follow him blindly.
“No commercial potential. Where We Were is the antithesis of mainstream music in 2013. It’s raw and impulsive rather than polished, calculated and forced; it’s erratic rather than predictable, and it reveals its allure gradually with each listening session instead of revealing it all at once. An album that rewards the attentive listener pursuing the indefinable.”

The Details

Thick matte gatefold covers, thich black inner sleeves, 180g vinyl, free mp3 download code. This is clear gold vinyl, limited to 150 pieces!

Price $28.57

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