This is another release from Cafe OTO and just like the Thurston Moore & Alex Ward release I wrote about last month, this comes with a hefty price tag. At $167.17 (at the current exchange rate of the US Dollar to the Pound), you can own this rather limited release. However, the hefty price tag is all for the good cause of Cafe OTO renewing and repairing its equipment. The OTOroku label is one of the most experimental I know of, and this collaborative release between Fred Frith and Christian Marclay does not deviate from the canon. All in all, you get over forty minutes of material and from the five minute preview OTOroku has given us, and much like Thurston Moore’s & Alex Ward’s release, it sounds like an exorcism of sorts. Fred Frith’s frantic guitar in addition to the distortion coming from the turntables Christian Marclay’s operating create a true sense of chaos. I can’t imagine what the other thirty-five some odd minutes are like. Check out the five minute preview below via the Soundcloud stream and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Limited edition of 100 LPs pressed as a fundraiser for Cafe OTO to acquire some new equipment.

Fred Frith - Guitar, Piano
Christian Marclay - Records and Turntables

Recorded 7 July 2012 at Cafe OTO by John Chantler & James Dunn.
Mixed and mastered by Myles Boysen at Headless Buddha Mastering Labs.

Design by Laurent Benner, Collages by Christian Marclay.

All proceeds from this LP go towards Cafe OTO's equipment fund. Thanks to Fred, Christian and Laurent for generously making this possible!

Price $167.17

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