Ether Island is a new project to rise out of the now-defunct experimental rock outfit Mythical Beast. I’ve come across this just in time too because Not Not Fun says there’s only 14 copies left. This came out only last year, hence why there’s so few left – this is also the duo’s debut release. The title and opening track “Season of Risk” is a blend of 80s kitsch, heavily thumping kick drum, wailing guitar and colorful washed out synth drones. Singer/drummer Corinne Sweeney belts out some rather dissonant vocal work. The second track “Be Light” has some of the distortion clear up to better showcase Sweeney’s vocals but that heavy tantric/ritualistic mood is ever-present. The third and last track “Black Wind” finally has Sweeney without any (well, very little) distortion and Cowlin even sings along with her a bit. It’s an apt closer – very dark, sensual, and slow burning. Check out all the videos that go with these songs below and see what you think of them. Cheers!

The Details

Among the legions of bands we’ve worked with that have died natural (or unnatural) deaths, Mythical Beast was a particularly lament-worthy casualty. Fortunately phoenixes rise, creative energies get repurposed and reharnessed, and what’s gone is not always lost. So it is that singer/kettle drummer Corinne Sweeney and guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Jeremiah Cowlin abandoned Philly for the Nowheresville of Coyote, NM to live off the grid with other address-less culture renegades and be reborn as post-apocalyptic grunge-drone doom-soul duo Ether Island. A Side opener “Season Of Risk” corrals a mud-flood of thick tectonic shred over a buried beat, Sweeney’s vox tearing through in hot red flashes like a prairie flash fire (tonally, it’s total 4-Track Demos-era PJ, raw and sensual). “Be Light” vibrates more vertically, rising like a smoke signal, a threatening cloud of raga strings and delay-stretched witch-blues vox. “Black Wind Way” deathmarches across the entirety of the B, plodding like a dying mule over parched plains, tremolo guitar hatcheting down, a single funereal organ melody threading over the sands and into the silence. Three singular statements from two old favorites on this one perfect nomad-psych slab. Black vinyl 7 inches in color-photocopied covers, with art/design by EI. Edition of 325.

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