Editions Mego is known to push boundaries and be relatively unpredictable. The European label plays a partial home to the likes of Jim O’Rourke, Stephen O’Malley (of Sunn O))) and KTL), Keith Fullerton Whitman and Fennesz among others. Ensemble Skalectrik happens to be a side project of Nick Edwards, aka Ekoplekz (who, by the way, dropped an album called Unfidelity on Planet Mu this year). While Ekoplekz is more… IDM oriented (if you can even call it that), Ensemble Skalectrik is akin to your mind being thrown in to a blender with equal parts Twilight Zone and Vietnam flashbacks. Trainwrekz is as entrancing as it is unsettling. You’re on that train car barreling through the dark depths of the tunnels, and it just seems like there’s never going to be that light at the end of the tunnel you’ve been praying for. Edwards keeps making you trudge through the bleak vortex that is Trainwrekz, whether you like it or not. Check out Trainwrekz below via the Spotify player and see what you think of it. Cheers!

The Details

Bristol’s grittiest underground D.I.Y. export ‘Ekoplekz’ under his Ensemble Skalectrik guise -

“Ensemble Skalectrik is a side-project of Nick ‘Ekoplekz’ Edwards. Previous emissions include the self-released psycho-geographical abstraction of “Snuff Mill Tapes” and a homage to Maurizio Bianchi via Feral Tapes. Focusing entirely on spontaneous composition and one-take improvisation, Ensemble Skalectrik represents the most raw, extreme performance-based electronic music in Edwards’ repertoire.

On “Trainwrekz”, Edwards has dusted-off his turntables, grabbed a stack of old vinyl (mainly sound effects and easy listening albums), added a selection of sound-shaping devices (filters, equalizers, loop-pedals) and proceeded to record a series of delirious, derailed sonic sketches that sound like nothing else in his rapidly expanding discography.

Ranging from the portentous pile-up of “Wrekwahn”, the oppressive atmospherics of “Wrekfore” and the serene ornithological drift of “Wreksikz”, these half-dozen pieces document the emergence of a highly personalized form of turntablism that incorporates elements of Chance, Drone, Dub, Hauntology, Musique Concrete and Free Improvisation. Performed and recorded in three sessions during the month of November, 2012. additional production and mix jan.2013 Active Participants: Alesis Nano Compressor, BASF Chrome cassette (x2), Belcat Delay, Chance, Danelectro ‘Reel Echo’, Ekdahl ‘Moisturizer’, Electrix ‘EQ Killer’, Electro-Harmonix ‘The Worm’, Muza FD900 ‘M Ambience’, Nick Edwards, Rocktek 6 Band EQ, Stanton STR8-30 direct drive turntable (x2), Yamaha MT3X cassette multitrack and a selection of vinyl LP records.”

Highly recommended! Straight at your head!

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